VC4A application tools: A 2-part guide for support organizations

Entrepreneur Support Organizations (ESOs) are the unsung heroes of the startup ecosystem. Many successful startups we see today started off as participants of an incubation or accelerator program through careful selection by an ESO program. At the center of an ESOs operations is the task of sifting through numerous program applications to search for the next potential startup success story. This process is time consuming where reviewers have to go through hundreds of applications and deal with information overload, data management, verifying startup information or even missing hidden gems.

Getting started with VC4A’s program management tools

Getting started with VC4A’s program management tools

Through the VC4A platform, database, and acceleration services, program organizers can effortlessly reach and engage target founders. The platform features over 25,000 startups across Africa and Latin America, all actively seeking growth opportunities. With VC4A’s proven track record and extensive global partner network, the processes involved in program design and implementation have been fine-tuned to become seamless from sourcing to monitoring. Finally, VC4A’s intuitive custom software enhances team collaboration, easy applicant evaluation, and program monitoring including cohort tracking, application tagging, and reviewer comments.

From creating a free partner page to showcasing your program’s impact, to setting up custom application forms and managing the application funnel with ease, VC4A provides everything program managers need to launch and manage impactful programs that connect promising ventures with the resources they need to thrive.

Section 1: Create a free VC4A partner page

A partner page serves as your digital storefront within the VC4A platform. Your partner page is a dedicated space to showcase your organization’s expertise, mission, and the valuable resources and opportunities that you offer to startups. Here’s how a partner page benefits you.

Benefits of a partner page

  1. Increased visibility: A well-crafted partner page attracts startups seeking the kind of support you specialize in. Highlight your programs, mentorship opportunities, learning materials, industry-specific knowledge, or access to resources. Your partner page then becomes visible to our 300K+ VC4A platform members.
  2. Targeted outreach: The platform allows startups to filter support organizations based on their specific needs. By tailoring your page content, you can ensure ventures seeking opportunities from your organization find you more easily.
  3. Build relationships: Your partner page becomes a bridge between your organization and the VC4A community. You can engage with startups through comments on your page, build a following, organize and attend events in the community.

Use this simple guide to learn how to create a free VC4A partner page:

  1. Sign up or log in on VC4A.
  2. Visit the direct link to add a page to begin.
  3. Provide basic details like your organization’s name, tagline, location, and target areas.
  4. Upload a high-resolution logo in square format and a captivating header image (1280 x 300 px).
  5. Click “Publish” to make your page visible on VC4A.

Optional steps when creating your partner page:

  1. Add your team members.
  2. Grant additional team members admin rights to manage the page with you.
  3. Launch initiatives: Right at the top of your brand new page is the Admin Dashboard. Simply select the “Add a page” function to create a new startup program or event.

We will go into more detail about how to add a new startup program to your partner page in section 2 below.

Create a free VC4A partner page

Section 2: Launch your startup program from your VC4A partner page

Before we begin, ensure you have followed all the steps outlined in Section 1 above as all startup programs must be listed under your partner page.

  1. Log in to your account and go to your partner page: You may also use this link by simply inserting the name of your organization –
  2. Create a new page: At the top of your partner page, you’ll find the admin dashboard, click on “Add a page”. Choose the appropriate page type based on your program.
  3. Input your program details by following the prompts:
    • Add your program title and tagline.
    • Select the program type e.g., incubation, acceleration, competition.
    • Set the target audience: Indicate your program’s target location, countries, sectors, and venture stages.
  4. Select how startups can apply for your program: by a VC4A application form or by an external application form.
  5. Set program dates & visuals:
    • Use the date picker to set the application start date and deadline.
    • Upload a high-resolution program logo and a header image to enhance your program page.
  6. Make your page engaging:
    • Include your social media links.
    • Add an optional video to showcase your program’s value proposition.

You’ve successfully navigated the first steps towards becoming a support system for startups on the VC4A platform. By building a strong partner page and launching a startup program, you have set the stage to attract high-potential ventures that are looking for the kind of support you provide.

In part 2 of this guide, we dive deeper into maximizing the platform for your new program. We’ll explore how to:

  • Create a free application form: Tailor a custom application form that gathers the information you need to effectively evaluate ventures and identify the perfect startups for your program.
  • Manage applications with ease: Learn how to use VC4A’s user-friendly tools to streamline the application process, manage submissions efficiently, and select the most promising ventures for your program.
  • Set up your application rating and adjudication center.

VC4A’s application tools offer a sophisticated solution that simplifies the entire startup acceleration management process, empowering ESOs to make informed decisions quickly and with accuracy. In the next part, we discuss how VC4A’s application tools can improve your selection process, enhancing both efficiency and quality of outcomes. We will look at key features that enable you to identify top talent, manage applications seamlessly, and ultimately cultivate a stronger startup portfolio. Stay tuned for part 2 coming soon.