12 finalists emerge in GoGettaz Agripreneur Prize Competition 2023

The fifth annual GoGettaz Agripreneur Prize Competition, supporting youth-led agrifood businesses to #GrowAfricaGrowLife, has selected 12 finalists for the final round of the competition.

Two of these finalists stand a chance to each win the US$50,000 GRAND PRIZE in the competition.

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Meet the 2023 GoGettaz Agripreneur Prize top startups

Pollen Patrollers Kenya

Our mission is to provide farmers with high-quality bees to pollinate their farms, enhancing their crop yields and supporting sustainable agriculture

Sealife Organics Mauritius

Sealife Company Limited is an indigenous agriculture biotechnology company orientated towards the ‘capture’ of algaes, the focus being the development of environmentally-friendly agricultural inputs which maximize crop performance and grower profitability

Hatchplus Rwanda

Working to fill the socio-economic gaps in Rwanda by easing high labor works of poultry farmers and also providing jobs for over 10,000 youths

eAgro Zimbabwe

We are a dynamic startup that is on a mission to bring accessible technology that fosters inclusion for smallholder farmers through credit score system and crop disease identification tool Crop Fix.

Eco-friendly incubator company Sierra Leone

Our incubator utilizes advanced rechargeable battery technology, eliminating the need for electricity or fossil fuel-based power sources. It provides a consistent and controlled environment for eggs to hatch, ensuring optimum conditions for successful incubation

Releaf Marketplace Nigeria Limited Nigeria

At Releaf, we’re dedicated to researching the biggest problems plaguing the agricultural sector and building high-end technology to solve these issues.

Tanzania Vijana Agribusiness Enterprises(VIABLE) Tanzania

By addressing the limited potato diversity in the market, fostering cultural appreciation, and supporting sustainable practices, we fulfill the needs of consumers, restaurants, and local food retailers

Patvention Recycling Enterprise Kenya

Reycling plastic waste to construct beehives and engage in beekeeping.

Dudu Masters Limited Kenya

Dudu Masters is a start-up dedicated to providing innovative organic farming solutions to African small-scale farmers from organic waste.

Mad’Arom Madagascar

We manufacture aromatic and fragrances products using indigenous authentic plants. We also look for new areas suitable for cocoa production to minimize competition, and we support small producers in the realization of agricultural techniques adapted to climate change to minimize the risk of losses.

CassVita United States of America

At CassVita, we have invented a breakthrough biotechnology for increasing the shelf-life of cassava from 3 days to 18 months.

Farmavi Nigeria

At Farmavi Agro, our objective is to entrench an innovative approach towards agricultural waste management, through the decentralization of waste collection, aggregation, and processing activities to achieve optimal efficiency and productivity.