VC4A Mentor-Driven Capital Launches first Pan-African Program

The call for applications for the virtual VC4A Mentor-Driven Capital program – Africa 2022 now open for aspiring business mentors across Africa


  • Mentor-driven Capital is one of VC4A’s approaches to creating value for startup ecosystems around the world. With proven successes in the past 15+ mentorship cohorts, over 200 emerging mentor alumni and mentees, aspiring mentors, and professionals all over Africa can now apply.
  • The program selects a maximum of 30 experienced business leaders across the continent looking to become high-powered mentors in the African Startup ecosystem to join the practical 2-month hands-on expert training and guidance.
  • MDC Program – Africa 2022 is fully virtual and will run from July to August 2022. Application deadline is June 25th, 2022.
  • Mentors will be able to offer mentorship to African startups and founders through the VC4A newly upgraded mentorship marketplace and via partners’ programs.
  • Aspiring mentors who wish to join the program can apply by clicking: MDC Program – Africa 2022.


VC4A introduces for the first time, a new Pan-African edition of the Mentor-Driven Capital (MDC) program after 7 years of successes in 3 African markets – Egypt, Nigeria and Somaliland, along with other affiliate mentorship programs delivered across Zambia, Rwanda, South Africa and Kenya. 

With notable growth in cross-country investments and the number of African startups looking forward to expanding in other African markets, productive mentorships enable founders and their startups to become more capital-ready – if not by the mentors themselves who choose to invest as angel investors! Growing the international mentor networks is a solid way to build up the number of mature angels that are active across the continent and is critical to ensure the founder’s credibility to attract cross-country investment and build successful growth partnerships.

The goal behind the pan-African program is to empower existing and senior business mentors and corporate executives with the tools they need to better support promising growth-stage and mature-startup founders to successfully grow their companies to the next stage. By so doing, they contribute to flourishing startup ecosystems across the continent.

Powered by the Work in Progress! Alliance, funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with Oxfam being the lead program implementer, VC4A does not charge mentors who wish to join the program.

Other 2022 partners include ICEAlex, She Leads Africa, Innovate Ventures, Rising Tide Africa, Zambia Business Angel Network, and BongoHive, among others.

What is the VC4A Mentor-Driven Capital (MDC) Program?

‘Mentor-driven capital’ is one of VC4A’s approaches to creating value for startup ecosystems around the world. The program aims to find and support motivated and experienced mentors to share the knowledge, experience, and network that they’ve acquired over their careers with promising entrepreneurs. As mentors support their protegé on his/her entrepreneurial journey, they get keen insights into the local startup ecosystem and hone their own mentoring, business & leadership skills.

Who is MDC Program – Africa 2022 looking for?

Established business professionals, successful entrepreneurs, or angel investors who want to play a bigger role in the exciting startup ecosystem and are keen to make a tangible difference in the lives of starting entrepreneurs and their journey through the ecosystem. You are based in Africa or closely affiliated with the continent. Can spend 4-5 hours a month for approximately 2 months, attending online training, expert sessions, and group discussions, from July to August 2022.

Additionally, participating mentors will be required to offer mentorship to one or more African founders through VC4A Mentorship Marketplace and/or partner programs. 

What’s in it for you?

  • Attend hands-on training and expert sessions.
  • Group mentor reflections – learn from your peers
  • Access best-in-class mentorship guide and online training materials
  • Build your own skills and capacity as a startup mentor
  • Join a pool of global mentors and experts and showcase yourself.
  • Find ventures suitable for your skills and expertise through the VC4A Mentorship Marketplace.

About the MDC Program:
Good mentors know how to add value to a starting business by sharing the knowledge and experience they’ve gained over the course of a career. VC4A works with leaders in the industry to provide the best tools and lessons learned on mentorship, engaging experts from across the African startup ecosystem to make contextually relevant content. This has formed the basis for VC4A’s ‘Mentor-Driven Capital’ program, which boosts mentors’ abilities to support promising entrepreneurs, guiding them to achieve their business goals. The program consists of expert guidance, training, and hands-on support. Also, mentors will access the newly upgraded VC4A Mentorship Marketplace where they can offer mentorship to a wide network of startup founders in Africa, supporting them with their knowledge, experience, and network.

Interested professionals, executives, and aspiring mentors can find more info and apply directly here: Mentor-Driven Capital African program 2022.

Deadline for the call for applications is June 25th, 2022.

For more information or to partner with VC4A on the MDC Africa program, please feel free to contact Ahmed at anour[at]vc4a[dot]com.