Meet the 11 education-based startups selected for the 2020 LOOP Accelerator program in Rwanda

Education, Innovation, Development – How eleven education-based startups are changing the face of Education in Rwanda with the guidance of the LOOP Accelerator Program.

Education is a human right and plays a significant role in human, social, and economic development. There is a growing need for the continuous development and innovation of the Education sector. And that is where 11 Rwandan-based Education start-ups are seeking to make a difference. The LOOP Accelerator program in Rwanda aims to amplify eleven high potential education start-ups with founders between 18-25 years. The program is designed to have a long-lasting impact on these start-ups and the participating entrepreneurs.

The program is implemented with support by GIZ and Make-IT in Africa and is facilitated by BPN Rwanda and BAG Innovation. The Business Professional Network (BPN) has a vast network of seasoned entrepreneurs and businesses that will play an essential role in connecting the young founders with experienced mentors. BAG Innovation is responsible for the LOOP Acceleration program’s training delivery and facilitation of the entire project.

After a rigorous selection process, eleven start-ups were selected to participate in the LOOP Accelerator program based on vast potential and contribution to the Sustainable Development Goal (4) – Quality Education. All startups are in the education sector: EdTech, Education services, Education Products. Let’s meet the eleven startups!

Agriculture Growth Network LTD(A.G.Network LTD) Rwanda

A trio of young entrepreneurs uses an online platform to provide training on modern agribusiness to youth and small and medium holder farmers. The start-up provides these individuals with access to micro-loans at affordable interest rates.

Golden Reformers Rwanda

‘bag4change’ has designed an environmentally friendly schoolbag with a unique feature – a solar panel. The solar panel on the schoolbag enables the bag to generate and store electricity during the student’s walk to and from school. The electricity generated by the solar panel provides the much-needed light to undertake homework at night.

DopeApps’ Keza 3D Game Rwanda

DopeApps is concerned about the level of sexuality and reproduction knowledge in adolescents in African. DopeApps uses gamification to educate individuals about Adolescents Sexual & Reproductive Health (ASRH). The gamification platform educates the users with all taboo questions about ASRH.

Gravity Studios Ltd Rwanda

Sustainable Development Goals is the buzzword of the century. But after Shabani realized little involvement of the family to reach the goals – he decided to use his creative skills and establish Gravity Studios. This creative agency focuses on educating young children aged between 7 to 15 years old on their role in achieving the SDGs. In partnership with different institutions, the agency has published around 100 illustrated comics stories that feature young kids addressing the SGDs.


Nyereka Tech provides reliable electronic devices and professional ICT training to students, teachers, and professionals through their workshops and online platform. The tech hub provides training in Embedded systems, IoT systems, and Robotics with good tutorials on various electronic components. Their platform has both online and offline tutorials that update users on the most recent changes in technology.

SmartClass Ltd Rwanda

Smart Class is an ed-tech startup that connects students to high-quality teachers in Rwanda. Smart Class recognized the lack of quality teaching for less-privileged schools and created an online platform where students, across Rwanda, have access to quality education and teaching. Smart Class envisions a world with equal access to quality education.

Severe weather consult Rwanda

Severe Weather Consult aims to create a big network of automated weather stations and develop a weather information system that provides data-based knowledge on climate change mitigation and adaptation among Rwanda schools. In combating climate change, a group of university students has invested in creating and depositing weather stations across schools in Rwanda to ensure all individuals have access to climate change awareness.

the Einstein Rwanda

There is a massive need to capitalize on philanthropic initiatives to assist students. And that is why Hortense created a platform called the Einstein to connect philanthropic support to the right student targets and needs. The platform targets students who require financial assistance to attend school. the Einstein removes the financial barrier to their education journey.

Training Hub Rwanda

Training Hub is a start-up that offers technical training on the analysis of data and consultancy. Their training prepares both recent university graduates and employees to tackle all things ‘business’. The startup is a solution for companies struggling with their daily challenges and helping students boost their working capabilities.

TWIS Ltd Rwanda

While many young kids are preoccupied with social media, their level of interest in culture has declined. That is why Cliff has translated that into TWIS and created an online platform that equips primary school students with age-appropriate and culturally relevant stories for their lifelong learning journey.

ZEOLF Rwanda

Technological research and development are fundamental to all sectors. After graduating from university, five passionate entrepreneurs have built a robust research firm, ZEOLF, to improve Rwanda’s scientific research. They are connecting research firms and industries to develop the latest tech.

For three months, these startups will have access to business development training and resources, networks, mentorships, and the potential to pitch their ideas to prospective investors. The 3-month LOOP accelerator is designed to have a long-lasting impact on the startups and ensure each participating startup’s success.