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Training Hub We Train Future Data Experts and provide AI solution to companies.

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In order to boost the chance for students and unemployed graduates to take advantage of the growing market as competent data scientists, we firstly empower them with skills in “Python” which is an interpreted, high-level, general-purpose programming language. We provide them with specialized analytical skills. They benefit from the “Python for Data Science, Data Processing, and Machine Learning. In the end, our trainees are competent to use python to connect database systems, read and modify files, handle big data, and perform complex mathematics and use python for rapid prototyping or for production-ready development. In addition, we boost their competences in machine learning algorithms such as regressions, classifications, and clustering, herewith with these skills they are able to predict the numerical outcomes, predict and analyze categorical data and analyze unlabeled data. However, all these skills boost their chance for job prospects in the fields of data science.

SectorsArtificial intelligence, Information technology, Machine learning
Location Umujyi wa Kigali, Rwanda
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