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Meet the 16 Startups Pitching at Seedstars Africa 2017

After another year where the Seedstars World team traveled to 20 African countries with the mission to find the best tech startups in emerging markets, we are now just two weeks away of hosting our third Africa Summit in Maputo, Mozambique on December 14th.

During 2017 we got to witness growing ecosystems, better startups and more involvement from public and private partners. We are very excited to be able to bring the entire network together in Mozambique in December and together look into some of the opportunities of the continent and explore how technologies can rapidly improve the current status quo in emerging markets worldwide.

The Africa Regional Summit will last for 3 days and bring together over 500 attendees commencing with a bootcamp for the participating startups, an ecosystem tour, an investor day and culminate with a Conference on December 14th, featuring the startup pitches, keynote speakers, and panel discussions that will support a range of topics and ideas pertinent to entrepreneurs in the region.

The event is hosted by local ambassador: UX Information Technologies. The main sponsor of the event is Standard Bank. Other partners include both local and international organisations such as: Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, UNFPA, Merck, EnelX, TRECC, Microsoft, Orange, Amazon Web Services, WWF, The Financial Sector Deepening Moçambique, the Bop Innovation Center, Switzerland’s Development Cooperation, Google, GSMA, and VC4A amongst others.

The startups that are invited for the main stage on December 14th in Maputo, Mozambique are as follows:

AgroCenta Ghana

AgroCenta is an innovative online platform that empowers small holder farmers and farmer based organizations in rural farming communities access a wider online market outside their immediate locality to trade fairly and equitably. They can access technological tools and information that will inform them on best farming practices such weather information, market information and finally access to agro inputs such as fertilizers, pesticides and weedicides directly from stakeholders.

M-Shule Kenya

M-Shule is the first adaptive, mobile learning management platform designed for the 144 million primary school students across Sub-Saharan Africa. M-Shule’s tech-enabled services create and deliver personalized learning experiences for each child and empower schools with insights all through SMS and web. M-Shule is piloting in 2017 across 50+ primary schools in Nairobi, Kenya that teach more than 12,000 students. From there M-Shule will scale to impact millions of children across Africa.

Medsaf Nigeria

Medsaf is a technology enabled pharmaceutical company that improves access to medications by reducing costs, increasing selection and leveraging industry data for Africa.


Esene is an on-board system that collects soil moisture to provide water and fertilizer for crops.

PikiWash Rwanda

To leverage technology and provide high quality, eco-friendly and quick cleaning services for motorcycles.

MaTontine Senegal

MaTontine seeks to solve a current and challenging problem that exists in Africa and the developing world: how to offer financial services like small loans at scale to the financially excluded. We do this by digitizing an existing, traditional, peer-to-peer savings system with millions of users called Tontines in Francophone Africa in order to provide services like loans & micro-medical insurance.

Numida Technologies Inc. Uganda

Numida is building the missing digital products that African small businesses need to thrive. Our first product is a free financial management app that helps Ugandan entrepreneurs keep good records, make better decisions, and access unsecured credit. Small businesses use the Numida mobile app to keep track of their financial records, and make good business decisions, and we use the cash flow and behavioral data collected in the app to then issue appropriately designed, hassle-free, unsecured loans. Since launching in May we have supported over 280 small businesses in Kampala. 

myRunner Zimbabwe

myRunner is a tech driven business our market is a two sided market. We work with bus companies to reduce operational costs and improve the management efficiencies of their buses using our all in one solution. Our solution allows bus ticketing from a phone, bus tracking and fleet management making it the first all in one system in SADC. For passengers we help them save money, book bus easier and safer and track their bus in real time. Our vision is to make travelling by bus easier and safer.

GiftedMom Cameroon

GiftedMom was registered in 2015 as a mobile-based maternal health education solution to reduce maternal mortality rates in emerging markets by 9.7% annually. Faced with infrastructural challenges in distributing and monetizing the digital service, we decided to build our own distribution technology to disrupt the $70 billion digital opportunity in emerging markets.

YAPILI Botswana

YAPILI provides new opportunities for many Africans to connect to local and western health professionals in an efficient and confidential way. In the societies, where professional health advice is hard & expensive to get, YAPILI offers affordable, anonymous and secure channel to seek medical care in case of pregnancy & family planning, diabetes & hypertension, HIV & sexual health, mental health and generic health questions.

CINETPAY Ivory Coast

Mobile money payment gateway to help merchant to accept mobile money payments online and offline.

LangBot Ethiopia

A Facebook messenger chatbot that uses proven techniques like gamification, spaced repetition & AI support to teach vocabulary, reading, writing, listening and more. Being able to use the content just learnt in an authentic role-playing chat with the Bot is another unique feature. Users can also ask for translations within the bot or in chats with others. It has less friction to get started as there’s no need to install an extra app or go through a sign up process.

TABECH Serviços Mozambique

TABECH Serviços will present a services named MovelCare, which uses mobile phones without access to internet to access funeral insurance.

EMGuidance South Africa

EMGuidance solves a critical problem for medical professionals by aggregating medical content from regional experts in one app.

Nefrids Africa Tanzania

Nefrids Africa, has developed SimuBima, a Mobile Phone Insurance Solution designed to reach as many users across Tanzania using digital channels.

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