Understanding VC4Africa – building connections between Entrepreneurs and Investors

In the last year VC4Africa has made many changes to the website, and in our continued quest to build a robust support system for the community’s entrepreneurs.

At the heart of the network, VC4Africa registered entrepreneurs have the ability to publish their venture online. They can upload a video pitch, post a summary of the business plan, add team members and advisers, post documents and announce job openings. Entrepreneurs can also participate in the VC4Africa mentorship program (to get feedback and advice on specific questions) or open a round of funding that is made available to VC4Africa registered investors. Entrepreneurs post updates and share their progress. VC4Africa works to highlight these entrepreneurs and further generate the visibility they need to connect with mainstream media, possible partners and investors. Connections, partnerships, joint ventures and investments are made.

Most importantly, VC4Africa registered entrepreneurs use these venture profiles to build a network of followers and source feedback, questions, thoughts and ideas on their concepts. They are part of the continent’s leading founder’s network and join an elite group of innovators building promising companies for the future.

To better capture this story we set out to produce a fun animation. Our friend and adviser Jonathan Marks wrote and voiced the script for this. He worked with Piedade Rodrigues, a design student who interns at VC4Africa, who gets full credit for the animation.

Curious as always to get your feedback!