VC4Africa: the founder’s network for the continent’s leading entrepreneurs

As a start-up founder, you probably have more on your plate than you want to think about. So adding more activities to your daily schedule sounds difficult at best. That said, consider the success of your startup comes down to three main things 1) the product 2) your customers and 3) your network. When it comes to getting feedback on your prototype, working through a pricing strategy, building social traction and expanding your network of contacts, this is where VC4Africa comes in.

Do you have a network of people who believe in your business idea and care about your success? Probably you have already connected your project with friends and family, attend local networking events, and do what you can to find mentors and advisors. Ever get the feeling you see the same faces every day? How do you reach beyond this ‘established’ network and connect with fellow entrepreneurs, business partners and investors in your field?

To a great extent, VC4Africa is a founder’s network with already more than 400 entrepreneurs who have registered venture profiles online. Our members exchange ideas via the website and meet each other in person at VC4Africa meet ups. No matter what stage you are in, joining a group of founders is a huge source of support and one of the best things you can do for your company.

Let’s face it, running a start-up isn’t like anything you’ve ever done before. You will face a number of different challenges along the way. Finding a way to pay employees, acquiring users, looking at financing constructions and raising a round of funding each comes with their expertise and set of strategies. It is your network of people on VC4Africa that can get you exactly what you need at the stage of the business you need it.

Being part of a founder’s network helps you develop long-term relationships with fellow entrepreneurs, which is key when you are ready to bring on board clients, partner with a co-founder or find employees. You can ask for help and advice from founders who’ve already been through certain challenges before, and you can pass your own wisdom and expertise along to others as you learn. It’s a win-win.