Investor network comes together to launch African ventures

Africa is full of opportunities. At the same time, investing successfully is never easy. At VC4Africa we work to lower barriers to entry and make the process as easy as possible. It starts by knowing who is doing what. Get a feel for what is happening in different spaces, form partnerships with colleagues and explore ways different pieces can come together in order to do great things. If anything, its about being part of a community with a shared vision.

Join the VC4Africa investor network

Our first 'supercluster' of entrepreneurship has formed over West Africa :)

Join the leading network of investors and take an active role in growing the continent through entrepreneurship. As a registered investor you can see which ventures are fundraising and have access to a growing number of tools:

» Stay up to speed on developments
» Follow the progress of ventures
» Gain access to private documents
» See who is following and who is investing
» Ability to message any entrepreneur
» Track investment activity across VC4A
» Network and pool resources
» Contact the VC4Africa team for support

What kind of ventures will you find on VC4Africa?

Most ventures on VC4Africa are early stage and require investments between USD $10K and USD $1 million. The primary sectors include mobile, web, energy and health care, amongst others. Thirty percent of the registered ventures have some form of social mission and could be qualified as a social enterprise. All of them are for profit companies. Each venture is disruptive in their use of technology or in their application of a disruptive business model.

VC4Africa now has some 400 ventures listed on the site. More than 260 are published and a growing pool of ventures have opened a round of funding. It’s important to know that VC4Africa screens these entrepreneurs before they are allowed to fundraise via the website to help ensure quality pipeline.

Belcash Mobile Banking, Ethiopia 

Rasello, Tanzania 

Penda Health, Kenya 

Myows, South Africa 

Dorking Dairies Expansion, Zimbabwe 

M-Kazi, Kenya 

Are there any costs involved?

These services are free of charge and we believe in a no cure no pay approach. If we don’t create value why would our partners support us financially? Access to the network, the tools and information is all free. Only if a deal is closed via the site do we ask for 1.5% from the entrepreneur and 1.5% from the investor. This financial contribution goes back into the community and allows us to support new generations of entrepreneurs.

VC4Africa is a community of dedicated professionals. Join the network today as we work together to support the continent’s greatest entrepreneurs!