Meet the entrepreneurs solving problems with green solutions

We love entrepreneurs solving problems with green solutions. Meet the greenest VC4A entrepreneurs currently registered on the site. Here is a top ten as rated by the VC4Africa community.

1) Justin Beswick and Uncontained Living – Uncontained Living conceptualizes, designs and sells eco-friendly housing solutions, primarily in South Africa. They convert shipping containers into operational energy sustainable, eco-friendly accommodation units that can be purchased and used by their customers. (South Africa)

2) Christof Henz and VerySol GmbH VerySol is a manufacturer of Solar Street Lights and integrator of Solar Power Systems. They are active in Nigeria where they have established the opportunity for Solar Projects in different magnitudes. (Nigeria)

3) Matt McLuckieand Africa biomass and off-grid energy – They aim to be the largest provider of sustainable charcoal and off-grid energy in Southern Africa. They have secured both government and private sector contracts. (South Africa)

4) Achieng Otienoand The Green City – Green City is about developing a Human waste recycling plant to generate affordable fuel, fertilizers and manure. (Kenya)

5) Matt Toplisand African Brains – AfricanBrains is devoted to the promotion of innovation and attracting investment into new technologies. They are an intelligent online networking community and the first network to give members the unique opportunity to submit innovations for investment and commercialization. (Zambia)

6) Joris Nockerand ProWAM – Jatropha to Biodiesel – They propose to process jatropha seeds locally into biodiesel, harvesting wind and solar energy at the same time. They are also looking at the possibilities for mobile installation. (Togo)

7) Gary William Reillyand Renewable Waste – They are a recycling company dedicated to sorting and processing co-mingled municipal waste materials into commercially saleable commodities. (South Africa)

8) Harry Nielsen and African Alternative Energy Solutions – AAES started 5 years ago with a simple solution for a big need i.e. provide electricity during load shedding and in places where there is no grid power. The solution was to use a vehicle’s generating capability to generate and store free electricity for later use. (Uganda)

9) Sunny Morganand Enerlogy-SOLAR – The establishment of a Photovoltaic (PV) farm to generate power via PV/Solar panels. They intend signing a takeoff agreement with the national utility ESKOM. Initially the farm will be a 20MW farm and intend scaling this to a 200MW farm with 3-5 years. (South Africa)

10) Lesley Silverthorn and Angaza Design – Angaza Design is a for-profit social business dedicated to making clean and affordable electricity accessible to all off-grid families and businesses in the developing world. They design, manufacture, and sell high-quality solar lighting and battery charging products. (Tanzania)

And here are two we liked, but have yet to get full attention from the community :)

Elizabeth Nwibieand Integrated Agriculture Business Center– Creating easier access for women and youths in the community to farm produce from solar-powered preservation facility in their neighborhood, as well as business development training. (Nigeria)

Geoffrey Kiringaand Monetising Carbon Offset – The project supplies quality Certified Emission Reductions (CERs) to the carbon market which are produced by use of efficient low-carbon cooking stoves by households in rural Kenya. A core aspect of the project is providing a vehicle for returning payment for ecological services to the community end user. (Kenya)

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