The Green City

Think about a city where Human waste is put to good and profitable use, Ha! Surprised? I know! Ongata Rongai and Kitengela are two of the fastest growing towns in Kajiado County. Despite the growth lack of proper sewerage structures and network which is a potential threat to human health. It is with this reality in mind that we propose to have Green City, herein referred to as GC. GC is a human waste recycling plant that is geared to work as a collection point for all human waste within Kajiado County for purposes of recycling. The anticipated bi-products include: fertilizers and manure for farmers; green fuel for home use; and other forms of fuel. The Green City will be highly beneficial to not only the residents of Kajiado County but to the country at large. This project is viable, timely and important. Some of the benefits aligned to this project include: proper disposal of human waste thus reducing the spread of communicable diseases; production of fertilizers and manure which will in turn contribute to the country’s food security; production of low cost energy that is eco-friendly; creation of employment opportunities; and avenue for more extensive research on renewable energy. For the project to take of what is required is 20 acres of land for a start, construction of concrete reservoir; Skills to handle human waste and recycling process; NEMA certification and approval; Authority and partnership with the county council. Implementation plan – Short term (1 – 5years) Identifying the appropriate site; Getting the necessary approvals; Sourcing for skills and required manpower; Use the exhauster services to transport the raw material (human waste) to the site; Set aside a 5 acre piece of land for agro-testing of fertilizer and manure. Long term (10 – 25 years) Partner with the county council to ensure sewerage systems are build and are terminating to the recycling site; Develop a piped network for the green fuel for home use. Note: The energy used in the operation of the Green City can be generated from the Sun (solar energy) and through windmills.