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  • We are a collaborative digital media of entertainment and sustainability leader in the world, which inspires, breathes and promotes sustainability.
  • We aim to drive change towards a new paradigm, where principles are applied to live better and in harmony with the environment, society and with oneself.
  • In 11 years, we are together in the largest sustainable Spanish-speaking online community.


  • We are convinced that, today more than ever, it is more important to be together than in agreement.
  • We embrace diversity by respecting the different opinions of our collaborators.
  • We seek to provide information to inspire and accelerate the transition, both from demand (consumers) and from supply (companies) to a new sustainable paradigm.
  • We accept our mistakes and those of others, exercising empathy, as a fundamental tool for generating change.


Program 1 x 1:

    • Bioguidance is supported by the sale of advertising space.
    • For every dollar received from an advertiser, Bioguia provides a dollar in communication to NGOs and enterprises that have no possibility of spreading their projects.
    • This program seeks to accompany big companies in their transition and small projects at birth.

    Conversion Embudo:

    • It is important to inform those who have already begun the change, but even more important is to wake up and inspire those who are not yet aware of the challenge we have as humanity.
    • In this direction we have a strategy to bring non-sustainable users closer together and transform them into sustainable ones. To achieve this, we catalog our contents in 5 categories that point to different objectives:

    Category 5: They are more effective content that seeks to generate curiosity through our social networks. In general, they are not sustainable content and, if you hold your head, we understand you! What we are looking for with these contents is to bring non-sustainable users to sustainability. From your interest, we generate related notes, usually notes 4, for you to discover a new world.

    Category 4: They are self-help and connection content. We believe that the world is wrong because we are wrong, and that if we do not solve our shadows, it will be very difficult to empathize with other and common problems. These notes relate to category 3, 2 and 1 notes.

    Category 3: They are contained in the sustainable world of easy digestion. You don’t have to be a responsible consumer to surprise you with a house built with trash in the desert or the last electric car that is faster than a Ferrari. These notes are aimed at positioning the sustainable world on the public agenda. These notes relate to category 2 and 1 notes.

    Category 2: They are depth notes, mostly theoretical, that seek to provide information and awareness to our readers. It can be an opinion column, an interview with a referent, or a summary of the UN 1.5 report. These notes relate to category 2, 1, and other bio-guide services such as your carbon footprint calculator, directory, agenda.

    Category 1: These are our preferred notes! If you are also the ones who like the most and you want to join the movement write us an email to




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  • Te damos voz

    by BIOGUIA

    Creating a wave of impact stories and raising awareness of brands

    Past Program


Name Country Sector(s)
WAS Co México
Generation of technologies with high socio-environmental impact
Mexico Construction, Construction and manufacturing, Wast…
Omaguaco solar wind dehydrators
Solar wind dehydrators to take advantage of agricultural discards
Argentina Agribusiness, Farm machinery, Solar power
We reconnect the world with its roots and give purpose to travel
Colombia E-commerce, E-learning, Tourism
Gavilán Coffee
We produce with responsibility to undertake successfully
Honduras Agritech, Fintech, Information technology
Fundacion Vivir con Salud
We want to deliver new vision with glasses to poor people in México
Mexico Educational products, Healthcare providers and ser…
Lluvia Sólida
Technology to retain moisture in the root hydrating it for weeks
Mexico Agritech
Restoration of micro-basins in San Lucas
Honduras Arts, Community water systems, Crop farming
EducALL: Calls To Educate
We turn basic phones into smart learning experiences.
Colombia Artificial intelligence, EdTech
Connecting borders, breaking barriers
Honduras E-learning, Healthcare providers and services, ICT
Épicos alimentos
We transform peasants into agroecology and we assure them of an income.
Argentina Agribusiness, Food and beverage
We make it easy to go solar!
Argentina Renewable energy, Solar power
BIOTICO is an ethical fashion and luxury sustainable venture
Argentina Clothing and textiles production
We transform waste into products with social and inclusive work
Argentina Environmental services, Retail and wholesale, Wast…
We make education a fun and more effective process
Costa Rica Educational products, Virtual reality
Ecodelivery SA de CV
Last-mile sustainable deliveries
Mexico Green transportation and electric motors