We help build amazing companies that scale

Beta.Ventures works closely with founders and teams from product idea to product launch through to the next stage of company development. 

We are focused on the opportunities made available by a 1.2 billion-person, mobile phone enabled Africa. 
We are experienced entrepreneurs ourselves and are able to share what has proven to work for product and service scaling, revenue growth and fund raising. 
Operations is key to success at early stage companies, and our environment often faces a dearth of experience scaling opportunities; Beta.Ventures focuses intensely on the operations of a company, adding value through several levers we know, from experience, will enable a company succeed. 
Our partners, affiliates and mentors lead some top technology companies locally and internationally and we encourage you to partner with us to take advantage of our experience building great products/services, negotiating partnerships and deals, leading teams, and raising money. 
In collaboration with us, you will avoid mistakes we, and others, have made.


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Location Lagos, Nigeria
Targets Nigeria
Sectors EdTech, HealthTech, ICT, Mobile