From Data Lake to Lake House

Building a sustainable, modern analytics platform from day one

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9am Dakar  |  10am Lagos  |  11am Cape Town  |  12pm Nairobi

You have lots of data, and analysing data from
multiple sources at scale requires a central repository or data lake.
But how will you move data into it? In which format? How will you
validate and prepare the data? What about streaming data? You are
wondering if data lake, datawarehouse and advanced analytics can be
brought together in a consistent way ? You are wondering how to get
results quickly starting day one with the right approach to modern
analytics ?

As cloud data warehousing evolves learn
about the “lake house” approach, the approach that AWS recommends for
data warehousing that combines the best of both a data warehouse and a
data lake approach to analytics.

In this session, we
address building data lakes and the “lake house” and show how AWS can
help you manage data and analytics more efficiently.

Learn how to :

  • bring together classical BI/Reporting with advanced analytics needs with a consistent approach.
  • deliver results fast in quickly creating a platform that can address
    any type of analytics use cases and can evolve with your needs
  • create bridges not silos between developers, db engineers, data scientists and business stakeholders
  • benefit from best practices, first hand from a customer who has embarked on this journey with AWS in partnership.

Who should attend 

CIO, CTO, CDO, Head of analytics, Head of IT, Heads of Technology, Developers, Data Architects, Enterprise Architects, Builders


Jul 30, 2020: 10:00 - 11:30
Organizer AWS Activate
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Targets Africa
Sectors Sector agnostic


  • Derrick Kotze
    Derrick Kotze
    Startup & VC Business Development - Africa
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    Dubai, United Arab Emirates