Boost your applications on AWS containers

part of AWS Startup Academy


Jul 9, 2020: 10:00 - 12:00  • 
AWS ActivateCorporation
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Simply starting your microservices in a Docker container is not enough
for a robust architecture! This session starts with microservices and
container basics and explains how to do it right. Why you should run
your containers in the cloud, how to do so, and what options you have.
I’ll demonstrate you the AWS container services that you can choose from
such as Amazon EKS and Amazon ECS, give you a guide which one you
should pick, and talk about best practices and open source tools you
should know. This session is for those who care about container


  • Derrick Kotze
    Derrick Kotze

    Startup & VC Business Development - Africa
    Dubai, United Arab Emirates