Contest Against Corona

Time to strike back against corona — Play. Compete. Win!

Time to strike back against corona — Play. Compete. Win!


You can join the Contest anytime until 11 December


From 23 November until 11 December 2020, it’s your turn to strike back against the coronavirus. It’s easy and fun: just join our online multiplayer quiz game on COVID-19, available in English, French and Arabic. Build up valuable corona knowledge and compete with others. You can participate as an individual, as part of a team or together with your entire organization. But it’s not just gaming and knowledge acquisition, you can also win great prizes and join exciting topic-related online events.

Topics of the contest

  • Putting COVID-19 in context
  • The One Health approach and COVID-19
  • Living with COVID-19 or the new normal
  • Misinformation and “fake news”


MO, 23.11.2020 | 10:00 GMT – Official kickoff

MO, 23.11.2020 | 11:00 GMT – Start of gaming

THU, 26.11.2020 | WHOLE DAY – Challenge day I: Starter level

MO, 30.11.2020 | 13:00 GMT – Announcement of winners of week 1

THU, 03.12.2020 | WHOLE DAY – Challenge day II: Advanced level

MO, 07.12.2020 | 13:00 GMT – Announcement of winners of week 2

WED, 09.12.2020 | WHOLE DAY – Challenge day III: Expert level

FR, 11.12.2020 | 14:00 GMT – End of gaming & award ceremony


Collect points
The quiz game is played in rounds, which consist of six multiple-choice questions each. The goal is to collect as many points as possible by quickly providing the correct answers (one correct answer per question).

Watch the time
Each question has a time setting according to its difficulty. Hurry up when you submit your answer, because you will receive the remaining seconds as points.

Double your points
If you enter a group game, the fastest player will get double points.

Hit the jackpot
All points that are lost in the game are collected in the jackpot. If you click on the jackpot, you bet all your points against the jackpot. Hurry up again, because only the first player to click the jackpot and to respond correctly, will get those points.

Climb up the high score
The points you collect in each round will be added to your personal high score. If you play as part of a team, the points you collect will also be added to your team’s high score.

How to play as part of a team

If you play as part of a team, the points you collect will be added to your individual and to your team high score. Working together in teams is recommended as helping each other to solve even the most difficult questions results in fast-growing team-high scores. At the same time, you improve your chances to win as an individual player! Please note, that you can only compete as part of a team if your organization has registered with us. Check out how this works here.

  1. Receive a group registration code from your organization
  2. Go to your quiz game dashboard by clicking here
  3. Click the home button and then “Join group”
  4. Enter your group registration code and click “Submit”

The quiz game is playable on any digital device with a current standard browser (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari). So-called “light browsers” are not suitable.


  • 1x Samsung Galaxy S10+
  • 2x Samsung Galaxy S10
  • Mobile Credit:
    • 40x M ($30)
    • 36x L ($50)
    • 3x XL ($100)
  • 14x Online Language Courses
  • 6x exclusive atingi Career Coaching