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The African Summit on Entrepreneurship and Innovation 2024 in Ghana, in alignment with the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA), offers a strategic opportunity to explore synergies between economic integration, entrepreneurship, innovation, and tourism development. Here’s why attending the summit and visiting tourist sites in Ghana is beneficial:

Networking and Collaboration:
The summit offers valuable networking opportunities with entrepreneurs, investors, policymakers, and industry leaders from across Africa. Building connections and partnerships during the event can open doors to collaboration on cross-border.

Exploring Business Opportunities:
By attending, participants a can learn about market trends, investment prospects, business models that capitalize on the benefits of regional economic integration. Improve skills and knowledge since summit brings meaningful insights, great knowledge and learning from our expert speakers

Showcasing Ghana’s Entrepreneurship and Innovation Ecosystem:
Ghana has a vibrant entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem, with startups, incubators, and accelerators driving economic growth and innovation. Participants can explore Ghana’s entrepreneurial landscape through site visits, networking events, and interactions with local entrepreneurs and innovators.

Promoting Inclusive Tourism Development:
Ghana boasts a rich cultural heritage, diverse landscapes, and historical landmarks that make it a compelling tourist destination. By visiting tourism sites such as Cape Coast Castle, Kakum National Park, and the W.E.B. Du Bois Centre, attendees can experience Ghana’s unique attractions and learn about efforts to promote sustainable and inclusive tourism development.

ASENTI 2024 focuses on several pillars:

  • Trade & Manufacturing,
  • Agriculture and agri-business,
  • Clean and green energy and waste management
  • Health innovation,
  • Fintech and access to finance
  • Education and Technology,
  • E-commerce


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