PAC Entrepreneurs 2022

Finance your business and launch yourself on the market!

About the program

If you have an innovative venture in your products or services and/or Enterprise of Scientific and/or Technological Base arising from research and development (R & D) processes, and/or Undertakings with impact whose objective is to strengthen value chains and contribute to product development, you can access financing through an NRA.


The sum to be awarded from the NRA will depend on the level of project implementation:

  • Ideation and/or startup stadium (under construction of its value proposition, without having made its first sale): up to $2,000,000.
  • Initial development or growth stadium: up to $3,000,000.

What are the projects that will be able to run?

  • Scientific and/or technological base projects, arising from research and development (R & D) processes in academic institutions, scientific and technological institutions, in companies or in connection with them, to strengthen value chains and contribute to product development.
  • Impact projects that contribute to the achievement of the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs 2030), which with their actions seek to produce not only an economic benefit but also improvements in society and/or the environment of their community
  • Innovation projects that generate technological service developments and activities related to industry 4.0 and/or innovations aimed at generating changes that improve productivity and/or competitiveness in value chains and/or productive sectors.
  • Innovation projects for the creation of new product lines/services and/or expansion of productive capacity that provide innovative solutions that strengthen value chains and contribute to product development.
  • When presenting the project, you need to be accompanied by an Entity Specialized in Entrepreneur Support (EAE). Know the list of registered institutions and the instructions for enrollment.


Entrepreneurs (human or legal persons) who intend to initiate a project or to enhance an existing one whose first sale, if any, has been effected at a time not greater than two (2) years before the date of submission to the Program.


  • Have a valid MyPyME Certificate.
  • Have the technical assistance of an EAE registered in INCUBAR to accompany and present projects in the present call.
  • Be registered in the Single Register of the Productive Matrix (RUMP).
  • In case of project approval, presenting security insurance is required.

Steps for registration:

  1. Enter DNA2 with your user and upload the Business Plan Form (Annex I) which must include a title that allows you to identify the project, a description of the project, the problem it detects, and the opportunity it identifies next to the project impact description.
  2. You must also upload the link to the project presentation video (Video Pitch)
  3. Presents the required supporting documentation referred to in section VIII. Formulation and Presentation of the Projects of the present Bases and Conditions
  4. Presentation of the Project (Annex I, Video pitch, and supporting documentation) via DNA2 you must send it to the program for evaluation, who will communicate your technical preselection, withdrawal or requirement, or technical observation.
  5. Once you receive the pre-selection of your project, you enter TAD “PAC Entrepreneurs Called Specific PAC Entrepreneurs 2022”.
  6. Attached with the following documentation:
    • Business Plan Form of the pre-selected project.
    • Commitment Letter (Annex II)
    • Pro-Shape Invoice and/or a budget for all concepts included in the investment plan and issued by prospective suppliers with CUIT in AFIP.
    • Certificate of origin of the goods to be acquired or note from the supplier on which the source of the goods is recorded.
    • Constancy of the company’s bank account.
    • Flow of Funds (Annex VI)
  7. If the project is definitively approved, you will receive a notification by TAD where the amount of ANR you are going to receive will be reported.
  8. If you chose the fund preview mode, you need to present a caution for the total NRA granted.
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June 30, 2022
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