Área Tres

The HUB of the entrepreneurial ecosystem

A3 is the HUB of Argentina’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, the preferred choice for tech startups, independent professionals, SMEs and multinationals looking for level and modern workspaces.

Our focus is on fostering the generation of an entrepreneurial community and the desire to grow from our members: we seek to accelerate the serendipity that there can be among the members and take advantage of the synergy that occurs within our A3 El Salvador and A3 Soho spaces, and between the members and our partners.

We constantly organize and host events for #ComunidadA3 and support us in our partners (Google For Startups, Accenture and Fibercorp) to encourage the development of the local ecosystem. We are a community that is curated with the best startups, big companies and professionals associated with innovation and entrepreneurship.

We take care that the teams bring value to the community and that is why the big companies that come closer together are more and more. If you want to be part of the #ComunidadA3, write to us and we’ll get in touch with you!


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