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Pan-African communications and business consultancy


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Lausanne, Vaud, Switzerland
Consulting and business development, Marketing and PR, Media production

APO Group is a pan-African communications and business consultancy providing turnkey solutions that empowers companies to grow their business on the African continent

Since 2007, APO Group has utilised it’s strong relationships and knowledge of Africa to help companies flourish by communicating their stories. Our clients have developed over the years and so have we, expanding our services and creating new partnerships to better support enterprises of all sizes, including through technology services, strategic consulting and digital marketing. We’re investing in new ways to help companies and entrepreneurs communicate and thrive because APO Group is committed to African excellence. This approach enables our clients to focus on people, building their organisations, and creating jobs that fuel the future for Africa.


APO Group provides our clients with pan-African services to support their business development every step of the way through our main pillars:

APO Communications – Communicating the story is part of the foundation for any business. Our experts provide a holistic suite of communications services, from press release distribution to media relations, monitoring, and more.

APO Tech – Data and business go hand in hand for market knowledge translates into more informed decision making. Our specialists provide comprehensive advice, technology, and solutions to help our clients achieve peak performance.

APO Consult – Businesses have different needs at various stages of their development. Our professionals provide strategic advice and services to support our clients as they grow and expand.

APO Digital Marketing – Maximising online marketing opportunities is vital for enterprises to flourish. Our industry strategists develop scalable digital marketing solutions and strategies aligned to our clients’ business goals.

APO Group

APO Group