ANIMA Investment Network

The platform for economic cooperation between Europe, Middle East and Africa


ANIMA implements initiatives to develop investment and business ecosystems favouring an attractive, sustainable and inclusive economy.

Who is ANIMA Investment Network?

ANIMA Investment Network is a platform for economic cooperation between Europe, the Middle East and Africa. It deploys its engineering to create and implement initiatives to develop investment and business ecosystems favouring an attractive, sustainable and inclusive economy.

Organised as a network, ANIMA offers expertise in economic development and cooperation, investment promotion and impact management, territorial marketing, development of innovation and mobilisation of expatriate talent resources.

The ANIMA network brings together 70 member organisations in 20 countries and more than 400 experts and partners who can be mobilised, coordinated by a team of 15 people based in Marseille. It brings together government and regional investment promotion and economic development agencies, entrepreneurial associations, innovation clusters, international investors and research institutes.

Our values

Since the institutional creation of their network in 2006, ANIMA members have maintained a number of core values that unite them and guarantee their mutual respect and smooth cooperation within the network.

  1. Speak truthfully: ANIMA has always been committed to speaking the truth in economic and political terms, in order to contribute to the necessary debate on the reasons that may explain the lack of commitment of national or international investors, or the lack of effectiveness of certain policies supporting the private sector development.
  2. Move from diagnosis to concrete action: The network has always endeavoured to go beyond diagnosis and advocacy, and not to limit itself to incantation, by striving to implement its recommendations, when within its reach, through projects and initiatives.
  3. A principle of subsidiarity and collaboration: Everyone within the ANIMA network, whether they come from a governmental, territorial, public or private organisation, from a northern or southern country, is treated on an equal footing. The network’s willingness is also to assist, accompany, support, guide if necessary, but never to substitute itself for its partners. Indeed, the network considers that whatever the context, it will always be more effective in the long term to strengthen and legitimise the structures in place rather than to substitute for their action, even on an ad hoc basis.
  4. Innovate and inspire through a pioneering attitude:ANIMA’s experts and collaborators are in a privileged position to identify, develop and disseminate new ideas. It is thanks to this, to ANIMA’s light structure and to its flexible governance that the network has always been able to stay one step ahead, which gives the network part of its relevance and added value.

Our missions

The purpose of the Association is to promote the economy of the countries of the Euro-Mediterranean area and to improve their economic and industrial image, to contribute to making the Euro-Mediterranean area as a whole an attractive and secure destination for investors and entrepreneurs, and an area of shared prosperity.

Through its actions, the Association aims to contribute to peace and sustainable development in the Euro-Mediterranean area.

The ANIMA network relies on international cooperation to implement a range of activities aimed at public and private actors, and to position the Mediterranean as a pilot area for sustainable and inclusive economic development at the heart of the Europe – Mediterranean – Africa (EMEA) region.

  1. Making the region more attractive for business and investment: ANIMA’s ambition is to contribute to positioning the Mediterranean region as a zone where solutions for the future of the world can be invented, and to take advantage of its positioning at the heart of the Europe – Middle East – Africa space.
  2. Improving the performance of policies and institutions: ANIMA works to improve the business climate, strengthen the performance of legislative frameworks and institutions, and foster the positive and sustainable impact of local investors and businesses.
  3. Promoting enterprises that create value for society: Through its actions, ANIMA supports the creation of solutions by entrepreneurs and investors to meet the technological, social and environmental needs faced by the network’s partner countries.


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