BeerGarage – Budstart Accelerator 2021

Up to $50K for implementation

BudStart is an Accelerator program of Beer Garage with a focus on solving real world complex business problems for the AB InBev ecosystem across Global Fintech, APAC and Africa geography.

We’re looking for game changers from all over the world who are willing to disrupt, put their talents to the test, and push the boundaries of innovation.


What’s in it for you?

  1. Mentorship For Product Maturity
    Access to key resources, opportunities to upscale to an Enterprise Grade Product, deployment in a live environment with assistance in the co-creation of a product roadmap.
  2. Global Expansion
    Connect with key executives and corporate partners from our global markets and explore your potential to expand globally.
  3. Investment Opportunity
    Opportunity for investment with exposure to our VC network/partners as well as opportunity within ABI’s ecosystem with Z-Tech and ZX Ventures.
  4. Upto $50K Paid Engagement
    Eligibility for Paid Engagement with milestone payments and paid Proof of Concepts (POCs) up to $50,000.
  5. Perks And Credits
    Access to cloud credits from our partners; events & training workshops at Beer Garage. Opportunity to be recommended to one of our Innovation Consortium partners and networking on the Beer Garage Platform.

Our focus areas

Global fintech

  1. Open Banking API: Mechanisms in which customer’s banking information is shared to applications or APIs to create an ecosystem that is conducive to generating business, solving needs, suggesting services and more
  2. 1-Click Payments For D2C/B2B: Solutions allowing customers to make purchases using 1 click with the payment information needed to complete the purchase having been entered by the user previously.
  3. POS Innovations: Solutions innovating the traditional POS mechanisms, allowing more ease and comfort for both customers and SMBs.
  4. Alternative SMB Landing: Solutions for nontraditional lenders to invest in an SMB entity, who may be under-served by traditional lending institutions.
  5. Subscription Services To D2C/B2B: Solutions which provide a service/product on a subscription cycle for the customers who pay on recurring cycle.
  6. Value Added Services (VAS) Platforms: Solutions providing the customers an added service along with the purchased service/product.
  7. Alternative Payment Methods: Mechanisms which are categorised as any form of payment which isn’t cash, or a debit/credit card issued by a major bank.
  8. E-Wallet Integrated Loyalty Solutions: Solutions where businesses integrate robust loyalty offerings into their mobile wallets.
  9. Cash Management Solutions: Solutions for the formalization of offline customers allowing them make purchases online and pay offline and other cash management solutions through payables, receivables and liquidity management.



  1. Consumer Data Collection And Targeted Marketing: Tech solutions to collect consumer data through our online and offline channels to understand them better and send personalized offers and promotions.
  2. Sales Force Automation: Cost-effective, easily customizable, AI and analytics driven end-to-end solutions for our sales team to drive better sales execution and performance.
  3. Supplier Recommendation: Open platform to identify suppliers from the marketplace and get a complete comparative study on parameters (quality, TAT, cost, etc.) to help in decision making for Smart Procurement.
  4. Digital Menus: Simple, cost effective, easy to use, multilingual and QR code based digital menu solutions for our bar, pubs and restaurant partners to provide enhanced experience to our consumers and improve our brand/sales equity.
  5. Reduction In Breakages, Detention And Demurrages Losses: Solutions to give visibility into the causes of breakages during transit. Real time visibility for fleet till the unloading happens to minimize detention losses and the stock movement outside ABI warehouses to minimize demurrage losses.
  6. Financial Transactions: Solutions offering capabilities for digitization of payments, transaction and settlements of discounts/claims/invoices across B2B2C.
  7. Automation Opportunities: Solutions to automate our supply chain and logistics process: Loading/Unloading of trucks, Bottle Inspection, Carton Assembling and Sealing, Equipment Controllers, Intra-Brewery Logistics.
  8. Utility As A Service: Partner solutions offering supply of utilities on metered billing system (Utility as a Service model) for water, energy, warehouse space, equipments, etc.
  9. Brewery Operations: Solutions for preventive maintenance of machines/equipments, 3D-printing of parts, realtime automatic conveyor synchronisation, process/safety compliance alert mechanisms for Brewery Operations.



  1. Route to Market: Solutions allowing connect drivers (to sellers) with riders (to buyers) with the capability of mobile payment and dynamic pricing. Cost effective solutions on vehicle tracking.
  2. E2E Stock Reconciliation: Solutions which can efficiently and effectively track, and match finished products vs end users.
  3. WIFI Chiller (Digitalize Store): Solution/product idea of creating a free WIFI network within the cooler using a device which can be used by store owner to ​place orders via B2B platform.
  4. Reverse Logistics Recycle & Sustainability Solutions: Solutions on supply chain system with tech integrated. Track, collect and process the bottles & cans back to manufacturer. Sustainable solution on use of less plastics.
  5. Store Mini Cameras (IOT Solutions): Infrastructure IOT solutions which can be used to track chiller temp, theft, shelf space etc. Analyze the footprint of the store and customer analytics.
  6. Digital Signage: Solutions to digital display communications and promotions in the POC’s.
  7. Market Analytics: Solutions which can identify competitors’ market analysis and areas of operations. Tools to measure markets using best frameworks and dashboards
  8. Digital Marketing: AI driven solutions for 121 marketing promotions for specific POC’s using multi-channel social media data


Prepare your pitch deck to attach in the application form. It should include the following:

  • Problem you are solving
  • Proposed solution
  • USP/Differentiator amongst other solutions in the market
  • Case Studies – Success stories with other clients
  • Value Proposition for ABI
  • Commercial Model
  • Scalability Approach
  • Clientele
  • Team Credentials

Key  Selection Criteria:

  • Ability to demonstrate the business value & scalability of the solution
  • Readiness to expand to new geographical regions
  • Experience with CPGs particularly alcohol/beverages segment would be an added advantage
  • Innovative Commercial models: OPEX, Gain Share, Lease, etc.
  • Strong product roadmap


June 4, 2021
Program dates Jul 5 - Dec 10, 2021
Organizer Anheuser-Busch InBev
Website Visit website
Africa, Antarctica Region, Antigua and Barbuda, Argentina, Asia, Australia and New Zealand, Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Europe, Grenada, Guatemala, Guyana, Haiti, Honduras, Jamaica, Mexico, Micronesia, Nicaragua, Northern America, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Suriname, Trinidad and Tobago, Uruguay, Venezuela
Sectors EdTech, Fintech, HealthTech, Information technology, Logistics