Smart Port Challenge

Startups, let's create the factory of tomorrow together!

Let’s design the port of tomorrow together! Are you an innovator interested in the port industry? Do you have innovative solutions that can contribute to the preservation of the port environment? Have you developed innovative solutions that can boost port performance? Can your solutions facilitate port and foreign trade processes and aid in decision-making? Do you master disruptive technologies such as AI, IoT, Blockchain, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Mixed Reality?

Join us in designing a resilient, sustainable, efficient, and secure port!

The Smart Port Challenge is seeking innovative solutions in the fields of AI, IoT, Blockchain, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Mixed Reality that can enhance the port environment. Contribute to the preservation of the port environment, boost port performances, facilitate port and foreign trade processes and aid in decision-making.

The Smart Port Challenge 2024, organized by ANP and PortNet, presents a unique opportunity to develop innovative solutions to address the challenges of smart ports. Open to startups, it encompasses areas such as sustainable development, energy transition, logistics, trade facilitation, service continuity, and port security. The goal is to integrate pragmatic, human-centric solutions that provide significant added value to port clients and the port community.

Final Selection Committee February 2024
The pre-selected startups will have the opportunity to participate in a final selection Bootcamp in February. They will receive personalized guidance from the industry experts of ANP and PORTNET, as well as the entrepreneurship and innovation experts from UM6P. The goal is to fine-tune their projects to the port context and present them to a jury. Three startups will then be chosen to implement a Proof of Concept (POC).


  • Sustainability and environment
    Environmental innovations for responsible management and the reduction of ecological impacts.
  • Port Performance
    Innovations to enhance performance and reduce turnaround times.
  • Port security
    Innovations for Resilient Business Continuity and Enhanced Cybersecurity


Discover the benefits of the Smart Port Challenge.

  • Networking & Expertise from ANP & PORTNET
    Benefit from high-level coaching provided by UM6P experts, as well as collaborations with professionals from the port ecosystem, providing you with a network of industry experts and valuable support from ANP and PORTNET.
  • PoC Funding 300,000 MAD
    The three winning startups will receive PoC funding from Portnet, with an amount of up to 300,000 MAD depending on the nature of their innovation.
  • 15 Weeks of Experimentation Groundwork for PoC Deployment
    Support and provision of the experimentation ground for 15 weeks for the POC deployment, allowing the three winning startups of the challenge to benefit from the plurality and complementarity of the port community’s professions to test and confront their solutions with the realities of the field.
  • Showcase at GITEX Africa
    The three finalists startups will have the opportunity to have a dedicated promotion at GITEX AFRICA.

Don’t miss this opportunity to showcase your innovative solutions and design a resilient, sustainable, efficient, and secure port. Join us at the Smart Port Challenge for a chance to make a lasting impact.

Eligibility criteria

This Competition is open to any natural person, of Moroccan or non-Moroccan nationality, aged 18 or over, or of legal age in their jurisdiction or place of residence, who has created their company for at least three (3) months and wishes to accelerate the development of their Proposals and innovative ideas. This is subject to the condition that the company created by the Participant fulfills the legal and regulatory requirements for the creation of a company in the state or jurisdiction where the company is registered (hereinafter referred to as the ‘Participant’).

Employees of an existing company must ensure the free use of the Proposal presented in the context of the Competition vis-à-vis their company and present a duly signed agreement from their employer agreeing to the project of creating a company implementing the Proposal in question. A Participant can submit only one Proposal. Each project can be carried by several natural persons, but only one can be a Participant; the other natural persons constitute the team described in the Proposal file.

The Participant must be a shareholder and manager of the company. When the company is already established at the time of the Proposal submission, the Participant must own a share of the share capital and be one of its managers on the date of the Proposal file submission. By ‘manager,’ we mean any natural person present within the company as a corporate officer or executive.

Employees, consultants, managers, and administrators of the Partner, employees, subcontractors, managers, and administrators of other organizing entities, including jury members (defined in Article 8 below) (collectively referred to here as the ‘Competition Entities’), and immediate family members (spouse, siblings, children, and parents) and those living in the same household as these individuals (whether or not related) are not eligible to participate.


January 21, 2024
Organizer Agorize
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Africa, Americas, Antarctica Region, Asia, Australia and New Zealand, Europe, Micronesia
Artificial intelligence, Blockchain, Environmental services, Green transportation and electric motors, Internet of things (IoT), Transport and logistics, Virtual reality
SDG (4)
11. Sustainable Cities and Communities, 13. Climate Action, 17. Partnerships to achieve the Goal, 9. Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure