Conceptualizing a New Venture: Abuja, Nigeria

The First Step to Transform an Idea into a Venture

The one-day seminar is designed to assist those with ideas, particularly entrepreneurs and start-ups, transform their ideas and opportunities into cohesive, sustainable models whether for business, social, or other focuses. It’s designed to accelerate your process of business modeling iterations to move to the next level of your venture’s development.

This seminar also provides participants with tools to develop a concept document (business case), executive summary, and identify  key stakeholders. These tools will help prepare entrepreneurs to position their ventures to potential partners, investors, and funders.

Seminar Modules

The modules for this seminar are:

  1. Introduction and Business Context
  2. Entrepreneurial Organization
  3. Entrepreneurial Leadership
  4. Venture Development: Individuals and Teams
  5. Venture Development: Organization and Venture
  6. Business Model Generation
  7. Documenting Your Business Model: Concept Document and Executive Summary
  8. Building the Economic Model
  9. Leveraging Key Stakeholders

The seminar materials include Venture Concept Toolkit and nine in-depth webinar recordings that serve as resources after the seminar.



City: Abuja, Nigeria

Fee: 32,000 Naira

Payment Method: Online or Bank Transfer/Deposit to Nigerian Bank Account


Nwakego Eyisi


Conceptualizing a New Venture: Abuja, Nigeria

Conceptualizing a New Venture: Abuja, Nigeria


Sep 29, 2015: 8:30 - 17:00
Organizer Afribiz Accelerator
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Abuja, Nigeria
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