Uganda Green Enterprise Finance Accelerator

Improving access to finance for green enterprises

We envision a sustainable transition to a green economy driven by SMEs that work together with financial institutions to build and scale innovative products and services, and create jobs in green sectors.

Our approach combines capacity building of post-revenue, scalable green enterprises and co-creation with financial institutions to facilitate access to tailored missing middle finance.

UGEFA is seeking high-potential small and medium-sized enterprises looking for debt finance to invest in their business. UGEFA targets SMEs that specializes in eco-tourism, clean energy, sustainable transport, waste management and green manufacturing, including agro-processing.

Successful applicants receive capacity-building workshops to help them scale through a series of hands-on interactive sessions to refine their business models, financial systems management and impact measures.

Our activities

  • Business Development Support
    for green enterprises in a group and one-on-one formats to build their financial capacity and strengthen their scalable business models
  • Collaboration with Local Banks
    to co-create opportunities to increase accessibility and tailoring of loans to green business models and technologies.
  • Green Finance Dialogues
    and interactive training courses on green finance to build a community of practice, increasing knowledge on green financing opportunities and sharing success stories and learnings.

Supporting green enterprises

Green Manufacturing: Rethinking Product & Service Design
As a key sector in driving economic development, manufacturing can be harnessed to develop green products and services that support communities to minimize negative impacts.

Clean Energy: Propelling the Energy Transition
Enterprises working in the clean energy sector offer products and services that increase access to energy, reduce the energy demand of households and organizations or offer alternative renewable energy sources to customers.

Urban Waste Management: Turning Trash into Cash
The urbanization of societies puts pressure on city infrastructure, including waste management. Enterprises that collect, recycle and upcycle waste apply sustainable closed-loop waste management systems that save plastic and waste from infiltrating land and water sources.

Sustainable Tourism: Promoting Eco-Tourism
Enterprises in the sustainable tourism sector aim to reduce the negative impacts of tourism and amplify positive environmental, social, and economic benefits generated by the community.

Sustainable Mobility: Low Carbon Footprint Approaches
Enterprises in the mobility and transport sector address issues of pollution and congestion and work towards transport options that are sustainable, energy-efficient, and integrate the needs of marginalized communities.

Elibility criteria

In order to be eligible to apply, your business needs to meet the following criteria:


April 14, 2022
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Clean technology, Clean technology and energy, Green transportation and electric motors, Manufacturing, Tourism, Waste management and recycling