Accra Angels Network

Matching small and growing businesses with angel investors.


Investments + Mentoring+ Networks

Accra Angels Network provides the platform for ‘mid-to-high’ net worth individuals or institutions to invest their funds and resources in Ghanaian based early-stage businesses, which have a significant growth potential, a latent ability to generate disproportionate returns, and demonstrable social and economic impact.

We fulfill our mission by providing a platform through which business angels can evaluate, exchange information and make investment decisions on opportunities presented by entrepreneurs.

Accra Angels Network offers more than just a network for investors, and we offer more than just finance for small and growing businesses. We connect promising ventures with the necessary resources (Investments + Mentoring+ Networks) to put them on the path of sustained growth and profitability.

Critical to the success of this network is the availability of good quality deal flow for onward investment by its members, with the desired returns to such investments. We, therefore, work with various partners, mostly enterprise support organizations to guarantee a great pipeline of investment-ready ventures.


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Location Accra, Ghana
Targets Ghana
Sectors Sector agnostic