Investing in individuals. Improving our world.

At Accion, our vision is to build a financially inclusive world – one in which every individual has access to high-quality, affordable financial services. Accion is the sponsor of two venture investment funds in Africa.

Accion’s Frontier Investments Group is a venture equity fund that invests capital and technical expertise in companies with novel business models (known in the industry as “disruptive”) with the potential of enhancing the efficiency, reach, and scope of products and services for people living in poverty worldwide. We invest in growth-stage, post-revenue companies that have moved beyond the seed stage and are seeking capital to bring their business models to scale. Our initial investments are typically between U.S. $1 and $3 million, with follow-on investments as appropriate. We also seek co-investors who share our vision and bring complementary skills and experience.

Accion Venture Lab is an investment initiative that provides patient seed capital and support to innovative financial inclusion start-ups, fostering experimentation and promoting business models that improve financial access for people living in poverty worldwide.We will typically invest U.S. $100,000 to $500,000 in equity or quasi-equity instruments, depending on the circumstances. We welcome opportunities to co-invest with like-minded investors and bring others to the table, particularly for later-stage investment into portfolio companies.Venture Lab prefers to be an active investor and bring to bear the people and resources of the global Accion network to maximize the chance of success. In addition to day-to-day support from the Venture Lab team, investee companies may get connected to Accion’s in-house technical experts (technology, risk management, etc.), microfinance teams and customers from partner institutions around the world, and the global banking and investing community.

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