Accelerator 100+ | CHILE

Sustainability objectives of Brewery AB InBev

Accelerator 100 + is an open call for innovation that seeks to promote investment and development through support to enterprises that solve challenges related to the sustainability objectives of the AB InBev Brewery and contribute to improving the social and environmental impact of the company. The Accelerator 100 + call is a brewery initiative AB InBev, in partnership with Socialab.


  • To drive development and innovation in our processes and across the value chain, from the supplies of the ingredients to making beer, manufacturing, packaging, packaging and the distribution of products.
  • Supporting entrepreneurs with high potential and impact and scalability so that, through their businesses, they generate innovation and technological development.
  • Potentially and promote the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Chile and the region


Stage 1: Online bid period.

The period of applications for the call starts from 00:00 hrs. On October 20, 2020, until 23:59 hrs., on November 22, 2020.

Stage 2: Evaluation and selection of finalists.

All projects that run during the period established for these purposes, will be analyzed by a Evaluator Committee, which is autonomous and composed of different members of the organization, involved in the operational areas related to the objectives of sustainability, which will verify in the first place its sufficiency and subsequently the fulfilment of the established requirements of the bases and conditions, as in turn the adaptation to the assessment criteria.

The Evaluator Committee will select a group of finalists that will be part of the acceleration process. The size of the group will be defined by the committee during the evaluation.

Stage 3: Mentors and Demoday.

The finalists will have to participate in three days of mentorship for the strengthening of their projects, their alignment with the objectives of sustainability of the organization and the way to communicate them. These mentorships will consist of support workshops and technical support, for the benefit of the projects selected to deepen their business model, scalability, forms of integration with the organization, and provide them with advice for a final presentation.

A digital Demoday will be held where the finalists will be presented to leaders and experts of the organization coming from different areas of the BU-Andina-business unit that groups the operations of AB InBev of Chile, Paraguay and Bolivia. The objective of the instance will be to communicate to the organization and main stakeholders the Accelerator, the potential of the proposals and the resources that they need for the implementation of pilots.

It will be in this session and through the evaluation of a jury of 9 people composed of a member of Socialab, leaders of the AB InBev Brewery and special guests where the winning project of $10,00,000 and a quota to Accelerator 100 + Brazil will be selected.

Stage 4: Acceleration

Process of 6 months in which will connect to the skipers with respective experts and leaders of areas within the organization to:

  • Identify integration opportunities. Preferably where the startup becomes supplier of the Brewery
  • Design and implement pilots.
  • Set key metrics and results for each project.

The acceleration process will offer office hours of its collaborators for the development of pilots and mentors for acceleration and advice.

The process will consider at least one critical milestone for the outcome assessment and it will be these that determine the project’s winning project.


Challenge 1: More Efficient and Clean Logistics (Efficient and Cleaner Logistics)

We want to connect with solutions that connect with a new technology for sustainable logistics with the planet. Topics such as reverse logistics, barrel tracking and geolocation are of our interest. Do you have another solution for this challenge?

Challenge 2: Smart Farming (Smart Farming)

Good beer starts with big hops and cereals. Help us support our producers with the latest science and technology to sustainably produce the best beers.

Challenge 3: Circular Economy (Close the Loop)

The future of our industry requires the circular economy to create long-term sustainable value for all. We want to bring that future to the present, so we look for solutions that provide circularity within our entire supply chain.

Challenge 4: Water Management

Water Management)

Each drop of water counts. Help us create and implement sustainable and energy efficient practices to make water scarcity a thing of the past. Our goal is to reduce the consumption of water in the manufacture of beer. Could your start-up be a contribution?Read more about each challenge

Accelerator 100+ | CHILE

Accelerator 100+ | CHILE


November 22, 2020
Program dates Dec 11, 2020 - Jun 30, 2021
Organizer Accelerator 100+
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Targets Chile
Agritech, Community water systems, EdTech, HealthTech, Logistics, Waste management and recycling, Water storage