Accelerate Nigeria

Empowering SMEs for Growth

Accelerate Nigeria is a free structured enterprise development program designed to mentor, coach and support ambitious early‐stage small and medium scale entrepreneurs and effectively grow their businesses. The platform helps Nigerian entrepreneurs accelerate the process of defining a business model based on best practices and experiences delivered by our partners in the Accelerate Nigeria network.  

The goal of the program is to drive economic development and job creation in Nigeria by accelerating the pace of business growth, leading to the rapid growth of Nigerian based SME’s. We believe our innovative mentorship methodology is vital for growing and scaling businesses in sub Saharan Africa and beyond.

What we do
Accelerate Nigeria’s programs are delivered by our partners and supported by our team of volunteers and entrepreneurs. Together, they make up the Accelerate Nigeria Network, a group of nationwide partners, and executive-level mentors.

Our vision stems from Nigeria, success to us is seeing hundreds of businesses grow to scale in Nigeria and achieve an African regional spread in 5 years. We will make Nigerian businesses investment ready by assisting them improve their processes, governance, financial management and market strategies.

Our Approach

Countless entrepreneurs in Africa have the ideas and motivation to start and grow successful businesses, but are hindered by barriers such as limited accessibility to business skills, technology, networks and finance. Accelerate Nigeria provides a solution that combines virtual networks with location based programs, to offer support to Nigerian Entrepreneurs.

We match business owners in their early stage of development with experienced mentors around the Nigeria. Using both our online platform and physical meetings, they spend between days and weeks (depending on the program) working to achieve key business goals. The platform boosts confidence, stimulates investment readiness, improves business performance and eventually creates wealth for the entrepreneurs we support.

Accelerate Nigeria program is based chiefly on business development through mentoring and guidance. Our offering focuses on 

One on One Executive Mentoring program 

Day in my shoes 

Online mentoring.


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