Africa Blue Economy Forum

In Africa, 70% of the states are coastal and more than 90% of the continent’s imports and exports are conducted by sea. For decades, the economic contribution of the ocean has been widely undervalued across the globe. It is only recently that oceans have started to become a new focal point in national and international development strategies. Fish contributes to the food and nutritional security of over 200 million Africans and provides income for over 10 million. The ocean is not only a key driver for global trade but also a major source of food and energy.

The Blue Economy development approach holds immense promise for the continent. It offers a unique opportunity to address its transition to sustainable and inclusive growth and to tackle Africa’s demographic challenge altogether. Alongside established ocean industries, new activities will emerge and bring along new opportunities, whilst creating more sources of jobs, innovation and competitive advantage.


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Targets Africa
Sectors Water storage