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10X Leadership

Our Leadership team bring a unique combination of strengths to bear in helping high growth entrepreneurial businesses. We are firstly experienced and successful entrepreneurs, secondly experienced SME investors who’ve journeyed with countless successful and unsuccessful entrepreneurs, thirdly SME advisors, fourthly business growth consultants trained by the most prestigious business consulting firms in the world. 10X-e was born out of 10 years of Edge Directors’ work with talented entrepreneurial teams, as entrepreneurs in their own rights, investors, SME growth advisors, and entrepreneurship specialists. We are passionate about helping talented entrepreneurs succeed and noticed a glaring gap in the support system available to high growth entrepreneurs. Our intent is to plug this gap, and become one of the leading global partners to high growth entrepreneurs.

10X Your Business

Get a Tailor-Made 10X Workshop for Your Business from South Africa’s leading scale up specialists. Our team has helped some of the country’s most exciting high growth businesses scale up and reach their maximum potential. We tailor make multi-day workshops to the specific needs of you, your team, and your business. Our workshops serve to address the most pressing challenges that your business faces, helping remove the hurdles towards 10X growth.

10X Accelerator

Out of every 1,000 businesses, 10 have the potential to scale and create wealth. That’s just 1%. Of the elite 1%, 20-30% will make it to the Promised Land. The rest will get stuck in No Man’s Land – the Bermuda Triangle of growth. Because going from a successful start-up / small business to a scaled enterprise is a herculean task, most Entrepreneurs (even the top 1%) are simply not tooled up for.

If you’re on the Path To Scale and want to BEAT that statistic, not BE that statistic, the 10X Accelerator is for you. We believe it’s the world’s most powerful platform to give you the tools and knowledge you need to 10X your business.


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