Young Water Solutions

About Us

Young Water Solutions is an international non-profit organization that aims to develop and support the potential of lxs * young people to contribute to the universal management of water, sanitation services, hygiene and the comprehensive management of water resources. To achieve this, we empower young leaders and entrepreneurs, providing them with the necessary tools to carry out projects on water and sanitation and launch social enterprises in their communities. We promote an integrated approach and support initiatives that address comprehensive challenges, such as adaptation to climate change, reforestation, youth employment, gender equality, and food security.

Based in Brussels, Young Water Solutions was founded in 2015 by 16 water professionals (junior and senior), from 11 different countries,

but with a common vision: a world in which young people contribute to making access to clean water and sanitation a daily reality for all the peoples of the Earth.

Our mission is to make an effective and extensible contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), empowering young people to implement solutions to water problems in their communities. Looking forward to 2030, we aim to work with more than 1,000 young leaders, including at least 500 women to apply water solutions in their communities, so that at least 1 million people can have clean water and sanitation and enjoy a dignified life.

* On our website, we use non-sexist language, applying the grammatical resource of the letter “x” in its texts, in order to eliminate sexual differences in the language and to reflect generic inclusion, making visible the feminine and other non-hegemonic identities.


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