Yo Emprendo

The entrepreneurial path of Bolivia


It is a space created in August 2019 for all actors in the ecosystem of entrepreneurship in Bolivia, in order to have a national and local vision of the organizations that accompany the entrepreneur’s path.

The entrepreneurial path

We perform a collaborative mapping where different individuals and organizations continuously send information about which actors are part of the entrepreneurial path.

All organizations are classified by the most relevant activity or reference:

  • Approach to the entrepreneurial world
  • Project design
  • Incubation and startup
  • Focus on sustainability and triple impact
  • Growth and consolidation
  • Internationalization
  • Financing

Also sub-classified by the regions in which they work, whether they are at the national level or at the department level.


Although different studies and maps have been conducted in the country to meet the organizations that are part of the ecosystem, this information usually remains in reports or can hardly be freely accessible to databases.

Our vision is to open this information because we consider this to be the best way to promote meeting and coordination to further strengthen the sector’s activities.


3 phases of website development have been designed so that you can evolve to a platform:

  1. A website. A simple development that allows for visibility of collaborative mapping
  2. A team of volunteer drivers. Extend collaborative mapping efforts of actors and events for the robustness of information.
  3. From a website to a platform. According to the needs of the actors, the functionalities and tools that allow the actors to self-manage their information are designed.


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Location Cochabamba, Bolivia
Targets Bolivia
Sectors Business services, Consulting and business development