VNV Global

Investing in classifieds, marketplaces & businesses with strong network effects

VNV Global Ltd, formerly Vostok New Ventures Ltd, is an investment company with the business concept of using experience, expertise and a widespread network to identify and invest in assets with considerable potential for value appreciation, with a focus on companies with network effects.

We focus on high-growth, tech-enabled businesses that benefit from network effects. We like sectors with high barriers to entry where we can see long-term returns – such as mobility, marketplaces and digital health. We’re active investors, bringing deep sector experience and striving to support our portfolio companies at the board level and beyond. We’re knowledgeable about both emerging and developed markets, from Europe to the Middle East and North Africa.

The foundation for the investment activities is fundamental analysis of primarily unlisted companies. In markets and sectors where Vostok New Ventures has particular knowledge and expertise, such as in Russia and online classifieds, the return requirement may sometimes be lower while in sectors where we do not have the same experience of investing, the requirement may be higher. The latter is intended to compensate for an increased amount of risk.


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Location Stockholm, Sweden
Targets Europe, Northern Africa
E-commerce, EdTech, Healthcare, HealthTech, ICT, Logistics, Personal transport, Public transport, Retail, Retail and wholesale, Transport and logistics