Zr3i Pioneer Arabic Precise Agriculture and crop monitoring platform



Innovative Business Model (Agriculture Platform as A Service)

ZR3i.COM is a collaborative SAAS platform that strives to combine Digital Transformation Technologies focused on using cutting-edge Information Technology for the betterment of smallholder farmers using innovative business model. It deploys Big Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, GIS ,Satellite Imaging),Mobile Technology and Cloud Computing to not only improve both profitability and productivity of the smallholder farmers but also make agriculture value chain (both input and output side) more transparent, sustainable, traceable and efficient.

ZR3i.COM enabled services are delivered to farmers as well as ecosystem players through various modes including mobile applications, web based dashboards, SMS and Voice based channels and automated chatbots. This ensures that customized contextual information can be delivered to all seamlessly.

Sectores Agritech, Inteligencia artificial, Cultivos agrícolas
Ubicación Qism El-Raml, Egipto
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