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Over 90% of chemical ingredients in skincare products have been found to be detrimental to human health, some are carcinogenic, causes disruption of hormones, infertility and a host of other health issues.

ZeeNature is a manufacturing company in Nigeria, that produces one of the safest skincare products in the market today.
About 80% of the total population in Africa experience skin sensitivity which most brands can’t adequately carter for.
Through our user specific skincare products and consultation channel, we help women with hyper-allergic and sensitive skin reduce skin damage and inflammation that causes hyperpigmentation and early signs of aging with our unique line of skincare products free of harsh and toxic chemicals with Eco-friendly and recyclable packaging. These products of over 98 product lines are formulated by leveraging on available raw materials in Africa with a combination of modern technology.

LocationBenin City, Nigeria
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