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Yummus Foods Social Impact Food Company producing plant based (chicpkea) products

Yummus Foods is a social impact food company that is changing the world, one snack at a time. We produce chickpea based Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG’s) to sell in retail and B2B sales channels. We started out in mid 2015 with the idea of reducing the malnutrition endemic that Guatemala suffers as of today. Now, we’ve integrated vertically and we’re the first company in Guatemala producing our own chickpea (it’s a non traditional and unknown crop here in Guatemala). By producing our own chickpea we’re saving water as well as CO2 emissions. We’re also fixing nitrogen in the soil which helps restore it. We’re providing diverse diet to farmers and we’re also providing +3X additional net income to these small producers by planting, growing, and harvesting chickpeas.

Our impact goes beyond.

With every unit of our retail food products sold, we’re providing Ready to Use Therapeutic Meals to malnourished children in need through our Buy One Help One program (behavior change include

Sectores Cultivos agrícolas, Alimentos y bebidas, Producción alimentaria
Ubicación Ciudad de Guatemala, Guatemala
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