Win Industries S.A Oroyal Buru ndox yi (In Wolof:

Win Industries is a beverage production and marketing company.
It has been in the production of spring water since 2016. Win Industries is an innovative company, which for the first time launched on the Senegalese market a bottle of water from 33cl to 100F. This bottle revolutionized the way water was consumed in the various family, religious or professional gatherings, replacing small a small number of water bags on the market. With the diversification of the range, Win Industries offers the best value for the market on mineral water, after the bottle has 100F, Win Industries threw a bottle of 125cl a 200F. In 2020, the range was completed with the launch of a 50 cl bottle and a bottle of 19litres. Today Win Industries has 5 sizes of bottles: 33cl, 50cl, 125cl, 10l and 19l, the water from Oroyal source is appreciated for its lightness and its richness in Magnesium.

SectorsFood production
LocationPout, Senegal
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