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Wezago Trading Ltd Buy Now Pay Later.

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Wezago Trading Ltd

Wezago Trading Ltd enables potential customers to acquire assets on credit, the assets that they qualify to access on credit depending on their creditworthiness assessed by our platform. The platform has an embedded credit scoring algorithm , that automatically assesses the applicant’s credit worthiness based on their mobile money and/or bank statements provided on the platform. It allows the self on-boarding of the customers, with realtime response on the credit limit, the deposit required and the devices (assets) that they access on credit.

It makes assets more affordable to the majority of the populace in developing nations who have no access to credit cards or formal financing options due to insufficient credit history, or being unbanked.

Wezago currently provides only smartphones financing In Kenya , with plans to expand to other assets and regions in developing nations, once the capital required is raised.

SectorsE-commerce, Fintech, Software as a Service
LocationNairobi, Kenya
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