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WAS Co México Generation of technologies with high socio-environmental impact


We are a team of university and professional students, as well as investment partners and mentors. Our inspiration is to leave a better world for the following generations, our passion is to help the marginalized and / or vulnerable and take care of the environment, that is why we have developed several sustainable and social companies to leave a high impact on society.
– Walter Mata, founder and president of WAS Company
– Monica Guerrero, cofounder and COO of MWorks for WAS Co.
– Julio Baca, COO of WAS Company.
– Alejandro Vega and Daniela Fernández, Industrial Designers.
– Fabián Rodríguez and Daniel Cruz, Civil Engineers.
– Octavio Villanueva and Juan Ibarra, Sales.
– Mariana Dávila and Daniela Charnichart, Sustainable impact and management.
– Karen Garza, CMO of MWorks by WAS Co.
– Renata Arias, MWorks CCO for WAS Co.
– Diego Torres, Architect.
– Dr. Edgar Cabrera, scientist and researcher at CONACYT