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Our current society loves social networks and connectivity. They like to hear about the latest. So: What’s important? Talk about environmental problems, water problems, air quality and soil quality. From how science, culture, education, entrepreneurship can make us move forward. In a globalised world, it is paramount to be united by the issues that really matter. How do we dream of the Future? I will tell you how I dream it: With a lot of nature in the cities, on the roofs, vertical medicinal and food gardens in the vacant lands. With people taking solutions from the everyday for the great goals of eradicating poverty, famine, access to training. Equity. We always complain about what we don’t have. I want gratitude to be in every everyday conversation and also solidarity. Crises bring out the best and the worst in people. That is why we must strengthen what helps us to the collective good. It’s all together. The dust of the Saha

Sectors Arts, Educational services, Marketing and PR
Location Maipú, Chile
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