UNDA Spot it ! Share it ! We route It ! A step closer to sustainable spaces

Look around you. If it were your only source of livelihood and a place where your loved ones spent most of their time, what would you do to make it safer, more productive and sustainable with minimal investment? Found something? What will you do about it? Will you bring it to the attention of those in charge? Will they act ? Will you followup? What you choose to do might prevent loss of life, destruction of property and make someone else’s life more bearable and productive. Our solution, UNDA, a web portal addresses the challenges that hinder people from speaking out on their concerns. It routes the issues to those in charge, ensuring they are aware. It captures GPS coordinates of the issue, images and any other relevant media that improve accuracy and efficiency. It sends feedback to the person who reported. It sends reminders to those in charge ensuring action is taken. Being publicly accessible ensures transparency, accountability and motivates timely priority based action.

Stage Unknown EST November 2017
Sectors Environmental services, Software as a Service
Location Nairobi, Kenya
Markets Kenya
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