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UmuravaWork One Stop Pan-African Freelance Services & Top Talents Platform

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With the booming freelancing economy, it is expected that 80% of the global workforce will be freelancers in 2030, however, there will be 85.2 million global talent shortage. With these, Africa is still facing the following problems: Lack of Professional Pan-African Freelance Platforms, inefficient talent sourcing that leads to mismatch between jobs & skills, youth unemployment and the big gap in tech & soft skills development.

We created UmuravaWork to solve the above problems:
UmuravaWork is a One-Stop Pan-African Freelance Services & Top Talents Platform that enables businesses and individuals to easily access digital services and top vetted freelance talents from Africa.
Unlike the traditional hiring process in terms of time, resources wastage, inefficient talent sourcing & development, UmuravaWork provides the experienced workforce and top vetted freelance talents that are always ready to deliver on on-demand jobs and projects to empower businesses’ growt

SectorsEducational services, HR and recruitment, Information technology
LocationKigali, Rwanda
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