Trusteefarm Limited Improving access to safe and traceable foods.


Trusteefarm aims to involve the bottom of the pyramid
and their dependants. We involve the bottom of the pyramid as our suppliers,
employees and consumers. The smallholder farmer and her dependent act as our
suppliers and we provide them with reliable market access hence giving them the
boost they need to increase their production and ultimately their revenue. The
employees are the agents we assign these farmers in collecting relevant crop
and production data for Trusteefarm. Ideally, these young people are mostly
unemployed after their basic education. Our vision is to ultimately train these
young people and improve their livelihood. This way, we decrease increasing
crime rates and the search for greener pastures elsewhere or indulgence in
risky work forces like “galamsy”. Finally, the end consumers especially those
who are at the bottom most often than not face the challenge of eating unsafe
produce because of price.  By making sure
our farmers are producing responsibly, we ensure food quality and safety for
the bottom of the pyramid.  We would
measure of impact against the following sustainable development goals.
Currently our operations have affected twenty bottom of the pyramid individuals
with employment on our onion pilot project and mushroom cropping house.