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Cover image of Todje, Adtech venture on VC4A

We solve the main problem that affects all companies: selling. Yet, according to Hubspot, 4/5 consumers buy a product that was recommended to them via a channel like stories. In Africa, +150 million stories are shared every day, just for fun. If mobile users monetized these 150 million stories, they would earn about 2.4 billion dollars per month.
Our solution is an influencer marketing marketplace that connects businesses looking to boost their sales with mobile users looking to earn money by sharing the ads they like in their stories.
By giving the opportunity to the average consumer to use a channel they master and adopt on a daily basis to earn money by sharing the products they like, we allow companies to fully use the power of recommendation and the credibility of nano-influencers to boost their sales.

Sectors Adtech, Marketing and PR, Mobile
Location Dakar, Senegal
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