The SmartFarm Supporting next generation farming

Even though 70% of Nigerians are involved in Agriculture, Nigeria still spends over 1 billion Naira on food importation. This is because farmers in Nigeria are smallholder farmers cultivating less than 3 acres and record low yield. With technology, farmers can get access to data that will help them make better  decisions that will boost farm yield.

SmartFarm Nigeria is a “crowd farming” estate equipped with technology whichmonitors and provides data about the soil, crop health and weather so farmers getinformed on what, when, and how to plant. Beginning farmers can farm with access to these technology at an affordable rate and have a profitable agriculture business. 

SmartFarm uses digital agricultural platform to connect with busy professionals who are interested in farming, so they can farm without getting their hands dirty. The farm is cultivated on their behalf while they follow farm activities ontheir smart devices, and produce is aggregated to meet the supply need of local food processors.

After sales to local food processors, the investors get up-to 25% return on their investment.

Stage Unknown EST February 2018
SectorsCrop farming
LocationIbadan, Nigeria
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