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Sunu AR wearables equipping people with disabilities with super powers



There are over 340 million people with visual impairments in the world who struggle every day to move around safely. Standard aids don’t solve the problem entirely; users lose orientation constantly, miss important information, and experience frequent accidents.
In LATAM, 75% of families with a VI member need to provide daily assistance. This high dependency is a well-studied poverty trap for vulnerable families.

At Sunu, we built a sonar sensing bracelet powered by a GPS app that warns the user of obstacles with real-time vibrations and provides location information through voice.

We were accelerated by Y Combinator in 2017, launched the product in 2018, built a global distribution network in 20 countries, sold over $1.5M in devices to thousands of users in over 50 countries, who report 90% fewer accidents, improved orientation, and increase independence.

Our next product is launching soon and will disrupt the industry for good.

Sectors Electronics, Healthcare, Virtual reality
Location Guadalajara, Mexico
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