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Silas OZOYA is the Founder/CEO of the team. He has 10years of prior corporate work experience in Education, Business Development, Product Marketing, and Brand Promotions. He has been involved in the venture from the very first day of its founding. He is a graduate of Education with additional certifications in Financial Management and Agric-Finance.

Joy OZOYA is the Co-Founder/COO of the team with over 5 years of experience in Customer Service, Corporate Training, and Basic Agricultural practice. She has a background in Education, Agriculture, and Human resources and has been with the venture from inception.

Richard ARAROMI is the Chief Technical Officer (CTO). He has over 5 years in web and mobile app development. He joined the team in 2020. He has certification in Web & Software Development.

Alfred AZUBUIKE is the Farm Manager/Foreman. He has over 10years of technical farming experience and he joined the team in 2020. He has a degree in Mass Communication.