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Soluciones Kenko We desing solutions for medical devices problems.

Cover image of Soluciones Kenko, Internet of things (IoT) venture on VC4A

What about losing 1 million usd of inventory of medical devices. Medical device companies have these problems with their models of rent and leasing by losing control of the movements of their inventory. At this point they can only trust in their clients and personal. Unfortunately for the distributor clients and own personal use the equipment for personal business. We solve all these problems with high engineering and medical quality, by now in our certified medical device manufacture line we have a 3D printing farm that adapt out LTE-IoT platform into any medical device without interfering with guaranties, data transfer and we print the safety cases to protect the device and the tracker. Without using structure of the hospital or clinic, our solution allows us to obtain the cycle of work, GPS, and alerts in case of damage or loss of connectivity. Our premium model allows us to obtain a 7X profit per device with monthly subscriptions charging 30 usd per device every month.

Sectors Internet of things (IoT), Medical equipment and supplies
Location Zapopan, Mexico
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