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SMVDA Ain Batria I Essential oils and ecotourism

My project is born from the vision of creating a first in Tunisia with a project
that fulfils all the pillars of sustainable development, with an integrated agricultural and tourism project,simultaneously taking into account social equity, economic efficiency and environmental quality.
SMVDA Ain Batria I is a limited company which rents to the Tunisian state a 430 hectare farm located in Ain Batria, delegation of Zriba, Zaghouan governorate. An area of 100 Hectares, has already been planted, in collaboration with the administration, with a forest of eucalyptus, Aleppo pine and acacias.
The main component of the project consists in the creation of an integrated unit for the planting and processing of aromatic, medicinal and perfume plants.
The world market for aromatic, medicinal and perfume plants is constantly growing by 9% per year and is worth 90 billion Euros.

Sectors Agribusiness, Leisure and travel
Location Hammam Sousse, Tunisia
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